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Generational Differences In The Workplace - Pt. 1


Generational Differences In The Workplace - Pt. 2
Programs Can Be Customized Or Created For Your Company.

Off The Shelf Programs Include:

Diversity 101
Generational Differences In The Workplace
Emotional Intelligence
Change Management
Motivating For Results (Disc/Myers Briggs)
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Mentoring, Feedback, And Communication
Sexual Orientation And Gender Identification Workplace Challenges
Difficult Conversations
Religion And The Workplace
Gender Communication Challenges
Diversity Needs White Men
Language And Cultural Workplace Challenges
Violence Prevention Awareness
Servicing The Internal And External Customer
Shared Decision Making
Team Building

For a list of our programs for schools, please contact Gail Golden at 716-440-7129 or gailgolden7@gmail.com

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