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"Dramatic Solutions is great! They really take the time to understand your organization's culture and issues to personalize their training. They make it very interactive and fun so team members pay attention, have a great time and learn something in the process."

Chris Walsh, PHR/CHT, Senior Human Resources Manager, Nickelodeon Family Suites

"It was awesome!  I have been getting feedback since yesterday and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.  You all are the best; so easy to work with and everyone learns and it’s such great fun.  Thanks so much. "

Judy Reed, HR Director, Anspach Surgical Supplies

"Univera Healthcare is proud to offer the 2Smart 2Start program to Western New York children.  Our focus is on improving the health of residents in our community by addressing health concerns that create unnecessary health care costs and adversely affect quality of life.  The 2Smart 2Start theatre program is an innovative method to engaging kids in lessons about making healthy decisions and understanding the consequences of their actions."

Olivia Belter, Director of Community Relations, Univera Health Care
Dramatic Solutions Pentagon
Dramatic Solutions Show "Dramatic Solutions gave us so much more than a written or video presentation on generational differences.  They were entertaining and engaging.  I lost count of the number of our managers who made a point of stopping by to thank us for putting Dramatic Solutions on the agenda of our leadership conference.   I am sure the presentation struck a chord because we have had follow-up messages with suggestions to include the group at other training events.  The training was informed, pertinent, and totally different from anything else on the agenda.  It was great!"

Lee Bowling, Section Head
Training and Career Development Office
USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service

"The role playing interaction helped me realize that I do some things without thinking that weren't exactly correct.  It was great to hear 'their' view, and I realize how important this really is.  It was a great way to demonstrate what to do and what not to do.  It was a lot of fun.  I loved it!"

From the STARS at Gaylord Palms, Orlando
"We were very fortunate to find Gail and her team of performers as we were working with two sister hospitals in the DC area.  There was a huge culture clash going on between nurses & doctors, and nurses & the therapy teams.  Gail and her team  wrote a cutting edge script dealing with a lot of their issues. The performance was masterfully delivered multiple times throughout the days to cover all shifts.

Glenn Brome of the Brome company worked with the now warmed up audience and processed the issues in a way that both respectful to all ages, colors, and ethnic background, but also to what position you held in the company.  With Gail's and Glenn's help I was able to do a series of follow-up breakouts with nurses and others to resolve a lot of hostility and then build heterogeneous task forces to resolve these issues on the spot instead of letting them fester in departmental silos.

Had we not found the dynamic duo of Dramatic Solutions and The Brome Company, we would not succeeded as well as we did and as fast as we did!"

Jake Poore
President & Chief Experience Officer
Integrated Loyalty Systems, Inc.
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